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About Me

When I’m not doing hair, you can find me around town at my favorite spots and trying new restaurants – I love to eat! When I’m not eating, I’m home with my nieces and nephews, who are arguably the best parts of my day.  I surround myself with positive and loving people. And lucky for me, I am in no short supply of amazing family and friends.


Everyone in my life knows I love to travel. I especially love to continue my education around the US.  I feel that this inspires me to get fresh ideas from people all over! Their sense of fashion, style, techniques - I just can't learn enough and I'm always craving for more after every trip! Not to mention, I get to enjoy eating  amazing food and sipping delicious cocktails at places like NYC, New Orleans, and LA, just to name a few.



My Methods


Let’s get a little technical.  My favorite coloring technique is balayage (hair painting) because it allows me to be a true artist.  Hair painting itself gives me so much freedom to add dimensions and brighten up my clients' skin complexion without the harsh streaks of highlights. This doesn't mean I don't like foiling. I never underestimate the power of foils.  This method is a must-have  for myself and for all my dark-haired clients who like to be on the lighter side.  Most of my coloring service aren't done with just one or the other- I often combine both balayage and foiling to get the look I envision.  My goal for my clients is to evolve their cut and color to keep up with trends without making drastic changes.  


For the same reason, I really enjoy doing bridal hair.  I start with subtle placements, build a solid foundation and then style around it.  This is extremely important because without this foundation, the up-do would collapse and fall apart before the end of the day. My goal here is to create a beautifully soft and elegant style with a solid foundation that will hold through all the laughter, tears, and dancing!

Behind the Chair

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